Super Bowl XLIV


I have been predicting the out come of the Super Bowl (mostly unsuccesfully) for the last 3 years , so it is time again.

Super Bowl XLI

Predicted Colts 31 Bears 20

Actual Colts 29 Bears 17

Super Bowl XLII

Predicted Patriots 48 Giants 17

Actual Giants 17 Patriots 14

Super Bowl XLII

Predicted Cardinals 31 Steelers 24


Steelers 27 Cardinals 23

So as you can see the last 2 years I have been completely wrong.

As usual it is my favorite American holiday and I will be spending it with Laila at the house.

The menu will be hot wings which I have finally perfected. They are just hot enough to give you a little perspiration. Chorizo and queso which I have also perfected recently. Home made pizza, which reminds me that before the cruise we are probably going to stop in Orlando and eat at Giordano’s. Also Laila is going to make a jambalaya.

Today while shopping I saw a pick up with a Saints logo on it and a bumper sticker that read “make levees, not war”. The city of New orleans has been through a lot and I am glad that they got to keep the Saints after it was all said and done. I know the pain of your team leaving you. I still question why the Superdome wasn’t bulldozed and a new stadium built after everything that happened there post Katrina. Of course they most likely wouldn’t have kept the Saints if they had to build a new stadium. With everything else that needed to be rebuilt who could justify spending money on a new stadium.

My prediction is we will see the first overtime Superbowl in history.

Colts 41 Saints 38

Take the over.




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