I am going to remain my usual positive self


So today I bought tickets for myself, Laila, the boys and a band mate to go see Them Crooked Vultures in Atlanta. I am remaining positive because I want to see them and I’ve wanted to see a show at the Tabernacle for a while now.

The negative side is creeping in because it is a general admission only show and I hate general admission! I have decided that I am too old and do not enjoy the jostling that goes on.  I actually open up multiple windows when I purchase tickets and attempt to get tickets in front rows of upper levels so I still get a good view but not the hassle.

The other negative side was while the tickets were a relative concert bargain of only $49.50 each, there is a $12.50 “fee” for each ticket. I am glad they quit calling it a convenience fee because that always just pissed me off more ranting on who was this was convenient for? But what other business can just charge you an extra 25%?

But hey I did get a VIP parking pass for only an additional $9.

All the complaining aside I am very excited to be going. I remember growing up back in the 80’s  era of the supergroup. Asia (who I saw, very dissapointing), The Firm (awesome show) and various others.  I remember when I was working security at the Summit in Houston it was a very exciting couple of week’s when I got to see the Firm with Jimmy Page and Robert Plant and the Honeydrippers in a span of a few weeks. For The Firm I was on the barricade which meant I was right in front of the stage. When Robert Plant was in he was somewhat smitten with my security partner, so he came over and spoke with her, while a group of about four of sat around and acted like we belonged in the conversation. I pretty much claim that I got to meet Robert Plant, even though I don’t think we spoke a word to each other that night and he never writes or calls.

That was a very long paragraph to say I am excited to complete the Led Zeppelin trifecta by seeing John Paul Jones.




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