The Pool is closed!


We received our first significant snow fall of the year yesterday. For those of you up North you can laugh at the fact that schools closed at noon yesterday even though the first flake had yet to fall.

I kind of laughed in my superior I’ve driven in this stuff before attitude until my lovely wife called me and told me she could barely get up the driveway.


She actually had to put the left side tires into the grass to off road it up the road. Maybe we need to put a lift kit on the caddy and get some monster truck tires.

The good news is my driveway now looks like its ready for the Winter Olympics, as it looks like a ski jump ramp.


I think the Caddy is parked for the weekend. The good news is since Laila attempted the stunt driving move before I got home and warned me, I parked at the church across the street. I thought I was the only brilliant one, but I guess I have more neighbors in these hills than I thought. By late last evening there were more than a few cars parked there.


So if I need to actually go to work today or make a run for vittles, it will be possible.

Last picture, I just liked how the flash captured the snowing fall last evening.


Well, I will now go back to behaving like the sky is falling, like the rest of North Georgia.




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