My trip to a winter wonderland


Yesterday I headed North to pick up the kids.

What was supposed to be a nice easy trip turned into anything but. It was going to be a easy 710 miles there and back and about 11 hours and fifteen minutes of drive time. Since I didn’t have to be there until 4 PM and I gained an hour on the way I left around 10 AM. Everything went relatively smoothly on the way there and I was running ahead of schedule. I stopped North of Nashville for a good healthy McDonald’s lunch and took the time to read the sports section of the Nashville paper. I forgot how much I miss having a hard copy to read.  I stopped at a rest area and took a twenty minute nap, which I didn’t realize I needed until much later.

The weather was great until 10 miles South of Louisville, when it began to snow. The roads were still fine though. I was informed that the kids were running behind schedule and I would have at least a couple hours wait.

I headed to the nearest mall and found a Bass Pro shop to kill a little time in. It was a strange and foreign land to me. I have no desire to go out and shoot anything, the last time I was camping I was a boy scout and I don’t wear camouflage.  I still burned about 45 minutes though just walking around and attempting to find the Bucks room. I think it was intended for men and I entered with some trepidation to be relieved by the site of urinals.

I was informed that the kids were still battling tough road conditions and could I come further North to meet them. That is when the fun began. I headed toward Indianapolis after dark and the roads were not so good. Speeds were ranging from normal 65 mph all the way down to 45 mph depending on conditions and what kind of jerk I was driving behind. During this time I observed multiple stunt drivers parking in the ditches along the way.  I finally arrive in Taylorsville, Indiana and waited for the kids in the Outlet Mall parking lot pictured at beginning of post.

After picking up the packages I headed South only to be thwarted by another unsuccessful stunt driver who stopped up traffic by about 15 minutes.  Then a team of drivers decided to tangle just South of Louisville and we sat for about 45 minutes.


All these delays kept us from reaching Nashville until Midnight my time. Pretty bleak outlook since I still had three hours to go. 18 hours and 865 miles later I  arrived home just after 3 AM.

It was all worth it today, to watch the kids mangle Iron Maiden’s “2 minutes til midnight” on Guitar Hero 5 today. I’ve been practicing and it showed, but kids being kids I’m sure I’ll be the third best Guitar Hero player in the house by Friday.

I am glad to live in Georgia where snow is still a thing of amazement instead of something to shovel.

Unfortunately, Laila did have to suffer with having the dirtiest car in the parking lot at work today, I think I owe her a car wash.




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