Atlanta Field Trip!


I had the opportunity today to take a work field trip to Atlanta.

Pictures are posted here.

We started off at the World of Coke where we had a meeting and lunch sponsored by Coke.  We had a quick trip through the World of Coke. Unfortunately we did not have time to see everything. They did have a nice 4-D movie where the chairs moved and you got sprayed with small amounts of water, pretty neat. We also had a guided tour where we went through the history of Coke. Since I spent not a small time working for a Coca Cola bottler it was all very interesting to me. It was all done very well and had many artifacts from Coke’s history it was educational in a brain washing sort of way. Since I have sworn off all soda (with exception of an occasional mixed drink), I don’t believe I’ll be swayed.We then headed off to the second phase of the field trip to the Flowers Bakery, we ended up taking a wrong turn and our convoy headed through a not so nice neighborhood where you could have had your choice of crack houses. We then took a guided tour through the bakery and got to watch them make and package bread and rolls. It was also pretty interesting.

Off to phase three a trip to the Georgia Aquarium. It was nice, but I think I like the Tennessee Aquarium in Chattanooga better. They did have much larger fish including Tiger Sharks and a couple of very large Manta Rays. Of course my opinion was probably tainted by the fact that we showed up at 3:45 PM and they close at 5 PM. Funny thing was I didn’t feel like I missed much.

We finished off the trip with dinner at the world famous Varsity Restaurant.

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I choked when they asked “What’ll ya have?” Not realizing there was combo meals I ordered a chili dog with cheese, onions and fries. I know the place is an institution and brings many fond memories for native Atlantans, but for me the fries were unremarkable as well as the dog. Thinking I had not gotten enough the boss decided to get me another dog and brought one topped with slaw. Considering the fact that I consider slaw to be a vegetable and I am in general anti vegetable, it did not improve with dog number 2.

Over all though a nice fun day with co workers.




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