Coco Cay


On Tuesday morning we woke up early, 6 AM, due to a combination of excitement and hunger from missing dinner the evening before. Besides being world class procastinators, Laila and I are both notorious non morning people. In fact we had never seen a sunrise together. That was one of our goals of this cruise and we achieved it. We headed up on deck and picked up some coffee to enjoy. We sat for about 45 minutes, and 3 cups of coffee each, while the sun made its spectacular entrance. I believe it produced some of the best pictures of the cruise. It was nice as there less than a dozen people out as we approached Coco Cay. We then had our only breakfast of the cruise, buffet style in the cafe. It could have been that we were in starvation mode but it was a superb buffet. We then went back to the cabin as we realized that we were up before 8 AM.

When we got up around 11 we decided to head over to the island. The departure process was slow as everyone that had gotten hand checked in the prior day, had to be photographed before they left the ship. In fact the line stretched up 4 flights of stairs, through the elevator lobby, through the atrium and beyond. Deciding we did not want to wait in line behind a couple hundred of people we headed up to the Schooner bar for some refreshment. It worked out to be the perfect plan because after we were refreshed, there was no line to depart to the island.

When we arrived on island we decided to hike away from the crowds of people to find a little more private spot on the island. We ran across some people selling Coco Locos from a golf cart. They were some sort of rum drink in a souvenir cup. Unlike our cruise on Carnival they were reasonable priced at less than $8. For comparison the souvenir cups we had on Carnival were $13. We hung out and swam, up to the point when a sting ray swam between us. It was paradise.

On way back we saw a group of people taking pictures so we stopped and saw the herd of iguanas. I was thinking, I sure am glad those people were stopped or we would have missed it. Of course when we were leaving I spotted the rather large signs that read “Iguana Bay” and “Photo Spot”. Reading is fundamental I guess, but I had missed it.

We headed back to ship and the cabin when we realized we had gotten much more sun than what we originally thought. We got prepped for formal night and headed up to the Schooner bar for pre supper refreshments. That is when the couple approached us as they mistook me for the fox news commentator.

We showed up at dinner fully refreshed, which may have been a little shocking for the three honeymooning couples, married less than a week, who were all drinking spring water. Needless to say I think we made quite an impression.

It was a great day, I love the private island experiences the cruise lines offer.




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