Boarding and day one


On Monday we slept in a bit and didn’t leave Orlando until 10 AM. It was a very smooth ride over to Port Canaveral on the toll road. parking was much easier than it was in Jacksonville last year. We got parked in an actual parking garage and took our luggage to the porters. There are large signs everywhere telling you the porters are paid and tipping is unnecessary. Of course it wasn’t until I tipped the porter $5 that he told us we didn’t have to wait in the long line at that end and that there was a shorter line on other side of building.

The check in procedure went smoothly with about a twenty minute wait in line. That was until we got to the actual boarding part where the machine that scans your sign and sail cards broke sown. We were then stuck in a small hallway directly behind a fellow with body odor that would take your breath away. After a twenty minute delay they started boarding by manually writing down everyone’s information. We headed to the longer of two lines to separate ourselves from Mr. Stinky. Once on board we headed to the cafe and had a bite to eat. I don’t remember specifically what it was but I know it wasn’t bad. We headed to the pool for a tropical drink as pictured above. we then decided to order two Stellas, unfortunately the guy brought us a bucket of six.

We finished them in the room and lay down on bed to watch the baseball playoffs, Unfortunately it was only available in Spanish. If you think a baseball game will put you to sleep try watching it in Spanish. We ended up sleeping through supper, we got up just in time to watch evening buffet close and didn’t know where to find food on ship, Of course we found out later it was only one level up.

Headed to casino where the craps table was just cruel.

Basically uneventful day one. Very relaxing though.




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