A few months ago when Laila’s Daddy discovered Scooter’s love of potato chips he started calling him Tater Chip and the name has kind of stuck enough that he will actually come when you call him that. Of course having a bag of Lay’s in your hand doesn’t hurt and you could probably call him pretty much anything.

A few year’s ago I got the reputation at work for loving taters myself.  On a visit to  Cracker Barrel for lunch  I ordered my Chicken Fred Chicken with hash brown casserole, mashed potatoes and proceeded to ask what the vegetable of the day was only to be informed and order the red potatoes. When I put my menu down and looked up there were people looking at me strangely. They asked if I liked potatoes and I asked why, not even realizing that I had just ordered the starch special of the day. They never let me forget it.

Well Scooter is a chip off of the old block, we found the above pictured potato this morning.


I guess that answers the age old question of nature vs. nurture.

By the way we just call him Tater now.




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