Red Bull Soap Box Derby


Ok, so we made it back safely from the Red Bull Soap Box Derby in Atlanta. My fledgling career as a photographer was not helped by this venture as I took very few pictures despite walking around like a tourist all day.

Here is a video of the event though

We got a late start as we were attempting to purchase AC/DC tickets before we left the house and the computer and ticketmaster were behaving stubbornly. We were successful though.

We decided to head to hotel to park car and were actually able to check in early so that was nice.

We hailed a cab which unfortunately dropped as off at the far end of Piedmont Park from where the free refreshments and food. So we waded our way through about 50,ooo people only to have our access cut off with our destination in site. During this time we were serenaded by the car pictured above revving up over and over and over and over. If you have never been to a Nascar race you have no idea how unbelievably loud that is. It may have just been to warm us up for the AC/DC concert next month I guess and I hope the hearing in my left ear returns fully by then. We ended up taking another mile detour to reach the Park Tavern and the free hospitality.


Once we had reached Nirvana we never left until we were told to by the incoming bridal party at 4 PM. They had a live feed of the Soap Box Derby and AC so after surviving the sweating masses we set up camp. While there we enjoyed the lo country boil, BBQ sandwiches, chicken wings and free flowing Red Bull and whatever. They also had a Sushi Bar which Laila partook of. By the way the picture above looks like a picture of the bat cave because I took it sitting down over my head blindly. The floor was not sloped.

After the race we cabbed back to the hotel to freshen up for our evening. We ended up having dinner with our hosts at Rí Rá Irish Pub in Midtown Atlanta. . I actually ate some salmon as an appetizer which is highly unusual for me. There were also mussels which I declined and some yummy crab cakes. I enjoyed the Shepherd’s Pie and Laila had Sea Scallops and fettuccine.

We ended up heading to the Lava Cosmopolitan for a night cap and soon after called it an evening somewhat worse for the wear.


Over all a very nice day and evening and it was wonderful to reconnect with our hosts and their wives.




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