Charliepalooza errr not exactly


So it was my year to have a Palooza as last year we had Lailapalooza. I went ahead and let her surprise me by booking a cruise that would have had my toes in the sand of Coca Cay on my birthday. Unfortunately I forgot that she had some co workers off that week and we could not take it then. This is a slight issue when you have already paid for it. But after 90 minutes on the phone we got it moved to the week before Laila’s birthday.

I wanted it to be a little different than our last cruise, so we booked with Royal Caribbean instead of Carnival. That means we get to go to a different private island, Coca Cay, this time. Once again we will also visit Nassau.

We are also departing out of Cape Canaveral instead of Jacksonville.  Since we leave on a Monday we can take the weekend to saunter down that way. We were thinking of a day in Savannah possibly.

Only 56 days to go!




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