Unknown? I know him


This article from Cardplayer.com calls my friend an unknown from Chattanooga. It was pretty exciting to me to follow on the internet as he lived a dream.

I sure hope to be an unknown someday.

Steve was kind enough to lend me a room a few years ago while I was temporarily displaced. I would like to think that I helped him a little in his journey. A few years back, we were in Tunica and I helped him with his ability to spot the “working girls”. Its really kind of a mathematical formula. Any girl that is attractive, looks half your age and shows any kind of interest in you while you’re at the crap tables is most likely working. It was the same lesson I had to teach my brother in Vegas a few years ago. Run, don’t walk fellas.

For many recreational poker players just the chance to sit down and play with some of the “known” pros would be a dream by itself. To play all three days and reach the final table would be surreal.

I was following the tourney on this site . The funny thing was even though they showed him as fifth in chips after day one they hardly mention him  and during the reporting  he never even gets a picture on the site until they were down to 4 players.  Of course they were focused on Chris Moneymaker and his quest to win a second major.  Knowing Steve, I think he would prefer to remain unknown and without picture.  I guess I’m not helping with this post.

Congrats Steve, and can I borrow five bucks?




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