A day at the park


It was my son’s birthday so we decided to head out to Six Flags near Atlanta.

When we went in the spring we had a snafu with our every body pays kid’s price coupon, so we bought season passes for the three of us.

Now that sounds like a money saver and it sort of is but I may have spoiled the kids by buying Gold Flash passes each time for an additional $127. It’s worth it though. Instead of standing in line for an hour plus we were able to have a wait of less than 15 minutes and usually no wait to ride the best rides.

We rode Goliath 12 times, Superman 3 times and Batman 3 times.

Only two complaints.

One the food service is horrible. Last time we went the lines were so long for food we ended up eating funnel cakes and stopping at McDonalds on the way home. I had attributed that to it being opening day, but it was scarcely better this time.  It took us over thirty minutes to get food. There has to be a better process than what they are doing.

Secondly I understand that they are in bankruptcy and are cutting corners but how about a coat of paint? When did Superman start wearing yellow?img00314

Most of the other signs in the ride area were equally sun faded.

They have also added all signs of ads for products in the park including on the sides of some of the rides. It seemed a little off but I understand the need for additional revenue streams. I just don’t know that I would change my brand of hair gel because it was on the side of a coaster.

My favorite ad though is a walking around made up super hero that is some sort of advertisement for a cheese stick. They even hand out coupons for the product when you walk by or get your picture taken.img00319

Even though I don’t know what super powers he has, I did tell him he was my favorite cheese superhero.

Afterward we went home and grilled pork chops on the grill and had ice cream cake.





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