Corner office with a window


Recently my brother Walt and I were having a conversation about offices. If you have ever worked in an office setting  you know there is such a thing as office envy.  It usually consists of a few things to be jealous of.  Size, window, corner and view. It was discovered during this call that Walt had three corner offices, in two states and they all had windows. It was at this time that I began to call him Three Corner Walt.  I personally am not a victim of office envy. I have a corner office in the house with a window. I often have a big white dog under my antique walnut executive bankers desk that I purchased on Ebay for a $1. I also like my view as pictured above. When I was looking at it I noticed the cemetery in the background and it reminded me that no matter how nice an office you have in life, we will all end up in the same place, so I wouldn’t worry so much about your current position. The other reason I exhibit no office envy toward Three Corner is I’m pretty sure he has to wear pants in his office.




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