Time to clean the pool!


Winter caught me by surprise last year and the pool pump paid the price. Being used to the pool in Florida there was no such thing as winterizing. I knew I had to do it but the first frost of the year hit early and hard. It ended up freezing and killing the pump. I figured there was no reason to worry about it until spring.

I went down to the local pool store where I was gouged. The pumps on line were about 60% of the price they wanted. She did let me know it was the Cadillac of pumps. I didn’t ask her if that meant they were going bankrupt also.  I would have rather had a Chevy but not wanting to wait for shipping and to actually have a place to return it if I had an issue, I went ahead and took the beating. I was actually pretty proud of the fact that the missus and I installed it ourselves.  Of course it only involved removing 4 hose ends and reconnecting them to new pump.

I’ll show you a better picture after I get all the leaves out and the algae killed.  I have to have it perfect for when the kids come this summer so I have a little time. Meanwhile, I think I got a little sunburn today skimming it.

I didn’t know swimming pool water could reach that particular hue of green.




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