Presidential Apprentice


You know after my posting last night I remembered I am more comical than political. I think I missed the point.

During the drive to the Birmingham Alabama airport I had a lot of time to think. And now as I am sitting here I have time to post. By the way what the hell is the $15 surcharge to check a bag on Delta?

This is America in 2009, so I thought we just need to start a new reality TV show. Why not everybody has one? We’ll call it Presidential Apprentice. On a weekly basis Obama can call in all sorts of heads of industry that don’t report to him. Using his superhero powers given to him by the will of the people (54% anyway) he can call them into the oval office and very Trump like he can fire them. When he gets done with all the automotive, oil and Wall street CEOS. he could use his superpowers to fire the barista at Starbucks in DC that served him a cold latte or anyone else who pisses him off. Imagine what would happen if his beloved White Sox get off to a poor start. He’ll just call Ozzie Guillen into the Oval Office and let him go. I would love to be in on that meeting as I am sure Ozzie could teach me some words I won’t learn in the upcoming Houston traffic melee.

But the funniest thing I think I read about Obama lately was his gift to the Queen of England, an ipod. What genius decided that was the perfect gift for an almost 83 year old monarch? Did they not know what her shoe size was so they get her some new roller blades?




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