Homeward Bound


It has been too long, so I am heading to Sugar Land to see the folks and check in before I lose my favored son status.

Its funny how much has changed in my life since I left in 1993.  Two kids, two marriages, too many pets,  jobs and homes to mention in a short time.  I have not been back  since Christmas of 2006.   I did go through the whole history of homes on this blog back when I purchased the current abode.

Sixteen years and a lot has changed with Sugar Land and me.  I would like to think we have both grown and matured. But the Sugar Land I will see tomorrow looks nothing like the Sugar Land I considered home. When I drive down Highway Six I might as well be driving in any large developed city with a Starbucks on nearly every corner. I remember thinking that same thought while driving through some suburb of Atlanta a couple of months ago. It all looks the same.  If you didn’t know what state you were in, you’d have to stop and ask.

I have been accused of living in the sticks since I left. I will admit living in Southwest Kansas was more than a little remote.  But I prefer to not live in a  Metro area. I don’t spend all my time in traffic working on vocabulary that I seldom use anywhere else. The only thing that is limited is choices.  I don’t have 20 grocery stores to choose from, I have four.  I don’t have 200 restaurants to choose from I have twenty. But you know I can only buy groceries in one place and eat at one place at a time. Plus if I forget how to swear I can always pack up and head sixty miles south to Atlanta and remember why I love where I live.

Around here though, people always want to know where your people are from.  Its a simple question if you are a native Georgian, but a little more difficult question for me. They know,  I ain’t from around here. The good news is its been a while since I was asked what kind of Yankee I am anyway? That being said if someone asks me where home is, it’s Calhoun.  If  someone asks me where I grew up, its Sugar Land.

Looking forward to spending some quality time with Mom and Dad,  its been too long.




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