Don’t we have a government to run?


As I was surfing this evening I came upon this opinion  letter from Michael Moore of documentary fame.

One, I found it a very interesting read.

Two,  I am just not too sure what to think of what is happening to free enterprise in this country.

Three, I can’t think of anything that the government can manage better than the private sector.

I just don’t believe that the goverment has the right to seize control of public or private companies in the name of the common good. People were upset (I believe rightfully so) at the prior administration stretching of rules to suit their own ends. Personally I am mortified at what this could lead to. I laughed as during the campaign people cried “Socialism”, but what is govermemnt control of major industry if not socialism.

Just count me as a backer of free enterprise and this recession as a market correction that was long overdue. No one stepped in to save the Edsel or any number of companies that have gone under.  Seems to me like just a massive amount of money being spent with no guarantee of return.

That being said the Madoffs of the world and anyone else on Wall Street that violated laws and regulations need to be held accountable.

But I prefer goverment to not tell me what is good for me.




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