Sweet Home Alabama


Today was a day that reminded me how blessed I am to live in the part of the country that I do.  I had to drive over to Trenton, Georgia which took me right over a mountain. It was raining all day,  so the mountain top was under cloud cover.  Driving in the mist and seeing all the spring color was nearly magical.

It also reminded me that I needed to get back and hike Cloudland Canyon again. It’s been a few years since the kids and I have been there.  Some of the best scenery in Georgia lies within that park.

On the way back to one of my stores, thanks to the GPS service on my phone, I took a short cut back through Alabama.  It was over the same mountain but further south and offered an equally beautiful drive. I drove by Desoto state park on that leg of the jaunt and need to make it back to visit also.

So all in all I had a nice day driving though I did not accomplish much else.




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