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I stopped in Metropolis, Illinois a couple of weekends ago on the way back from picking up the kids and had this picture snapped. They have a large statue of Superman, gift shop, museum and some of the cutouts like in picture. After a particularly good result at work, I sent it to my boss along with the results.  He then proceeded to send it to I believe everyone in his address book including his boss and all his peers as well as my peers. Everyone seemed to get a good laugh out of it.  I did receive a final written warning from human resources for violation of the uniform policy and unauthorized use of spandex.

When surfing the net today I came upon this story.

I complete agree with Mr. DeSantis. Why should some one be demonized for doing their job and getting paid what was the agreed upon wage.  I would understand if he was involved in the high risk ventures that put the company into their current financial situation.  I especially agree with his decision to donate bonus to charity instead of throwing money into a black hole like AIG or the US goverment.  I am sure it has been no picnic working at AIG since the initial bail out, but many hung on due to pending compensation that was promised.

I have decided one thing.  I will never work for $1 as an annual salary with the promise of a large payout at the end of the year.  Too many bad things can happen and it Mr. DeSantis’  case,  someone else stole his carrots and he got stuck holding the crappy end of the stick.

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