Time for the annual Super Bowl Post and prediction

Well it is here again. The most American of all holidays.  Superbowl Sunday. The chili is in the slow cooker, the beverages are in the fridge and the various snacks are ready to go. Once again it will be a low key affair, a party of two at the new abode.

I have carefully chose the proper gear to wear. My well worn Superbowl hat from the January 28, 2001 game played in Tampa and my add beer here shirt in case I get confused by all the pageantry.

I am having a difficult time with my prediction this year.  I remember when every year the Superbowl was a blowout but recent history trend otherwise with the last 5 games being decided by a total of 32 points and three of them decided by a field goal.  I feel it is time for a blow out again. I wonder the Steelers can score enough for a blowout. Then I also have a hard time seeing the Cards putting a large number on the board against that defense.

So in reality I have no idea.

If I was a betting man I would take the Cards and the 6.5 or 7 points that are out there and the over the 46 or 47 points lines being posted.

Cardinals 31 Steelers 24.

My picks for the half time songs by Bruce:

Born to Run

Working on a Dream

Thunder Road

The Rising

Enjoy the game




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