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My Krystal experience and the text from an e-mail I sent them from a couple of months ago that got deleted with server change. I never heard back from them.

When I pulled into drive through the first thing I heard through speaker was unintelligble. So I told them I did not understand them but I wanted a number 1 with chicken bites and a coke. The lady said “you can’t do that”. I thought that was a little strange and a slightly rude way of putting it so I told her I had done it many times in the past and why could I not do it now? Then another voice came over speaker (I am assuming it was higher ranking member of management) and explained because we use REAL chicken now.

I ended up ordering the CHIK combo and just hoped that there was REAL chicken in it.

It just made me wonder if I had not been eating chicken in my chicken bites for the last few years, what exactly was it that I had been eating.

I enjoyed the meal with the Non real Chicken Bites as there are only so many french fries a man can eat in his life.

I am disappointed that this is no longer an option as it will make me visit less frequently.

I am not looking for any thing other than a reply as I am sure there was chicken in the non real chicken bites. I think it is a poor way to explain to your customers that you are now using REAL chicken as it raises questions and I thought you could use this as a training opportunity for your staff.

I am a multi unit manager (non food) and I know that sometimes the message that is communicated from corporate is not what is communicated by field staff.

Thanks for your attention to this matter.




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