Welcome Inmate Number 26597859!

We have a new inmate in our penal system. Scooter was tried by a non jury of his non peers and found guilty of the offense of felony vandalism and ruled a menace to the house. He has chewed up a wicker cat basket which he left pieces of in my bed, a bag of secure deposit bags (work related), a cookbook, multiple little wooden pull things off of our blinds, a piece of the bunk bed, part of a window sill and some irreplaceable pictures of Laila and her boys. This and the fact that he has still sprung an occasional leak. 

He is really sweet and well behaved when we are home but he gets bored and lonely while we're gone. Either that or the cats have done a wonderful job of framing this poor puppy so we'll take him back from whence he came.

I will not be drawn in and fooled by a bunch of felines.

As much as we hate it we went out and purchased a puppy prison for him. We are going to parole him on a nightly basis and offer weekend furloughs for him.

I hate it but I can't let him eat my house and possessions.




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