Time for an update, sorry for long delay.

It didn't seem proper to post my silliness about Sears not being able to deliver a refridgerator up the hill in front of my house, or the trouble I was having getting hi speed internet or the nice time I had in Gatlinburg while post Hurricane Ike my parents sat without electricity for 12 days. It did put things in to perspective though for me. 

So I found someone to deliver a different fridge, I have internet. we settled in to the new house and Gatlinburg was nice.

Laila's birthday is Saturday and I wanted to  do something special for her because it marks the beginning of a ten month period each year where I can call her my "old lady".

So of course I started like usual at Priceline. I booked a cruise that leaves out of Jacksonville this Saturday which is actually her birthday. It is a five night cruise with 2 stops in the Bahamas. Our cabin actually looks right out the aft (I learned that means the back of boat)

We are very excited as neither of us were flagged as terrorists and they issued us passports. So we are now free to travel the world.

A few days ago while messing around on priceline, I secured lodging at the Hyatt in Jacksonville for a grand total (taxes and fees) of $67 for Friday night.

I should have plenty of pictures to post and skin to peel when we get back. 





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