When duct tape quits working

After six years and over 9500 photographs shot, it was time to replace my old bulky digital camera. I loved my HP Photosmart 715  it has served me well over the years. Unfortunately, I had dropped it one (maybe more) times too many, and the latch on the battery cover had broke.

Now an adopted Southerner I have learned a thing or too about fixin things and had duct taped it back together. It was a little large to carry around discreetly and I had begun to develop camera envy. It had hit me especially hard when I purchased a camera for my daughter at Christmas time.

I liked HP so I bought a HP Photosmart mz67. I found it for $60 less than anywhere else at bhphotovideo.com.  I see now that even though other retailers continue to sell this model they have discontinued it, maybe that is why I got the great deal. 

I have posted some boring pictures from our Atlanta trip in the gallery. I'm hoping with the new camera I will be inspired to take even more pictures. I hope this one serves me as well as the last one.




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