My Super Bowl prediction



Let me start off by saying I can't stand Bill Belichick the Patriots head coach. Its a really simple reason also, it is his attire. He dresses with no class in his hooded sweatshirts on the sideline. He reminds me of that junior high school coach  we all had that was a little creepy always wearing his sweat pants.. This guy would always have half a hand in his pants ala Al Bundy or be a public adjuster (mine was Coach Dinkins). I expect a little class on the sideline and he has none. Combine that with his snubbing of one of the classiest people, Tony Dungy, after last year's AFC championship game the Patriots lost and you get a picture of poor sport and no class.

That finally off my chest, he is the best coach with the best team.

The Super Bowl is usually a classic blow out and no one prepares his team better than Belicheck. 

This will be a coronation.

Eli and the Giants offense will turn it over at least 3 times. 

Patriots 48 Giants 17  

Feel free to name your Junior High coach/stud/adjuster in the comments, he's probably passed on or hasn't figured out this internet thing out beyond simple porn surfing anyhow.





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