There goes my hero
Watch him as he goes- Foo Fighters

I came home last night and the kids informed me that there was a mouse in da house! I was wondering why the felines had been sitting on the kitchen counter and staring at the microwave and now I had my answer. Now the ladies of the house insisted he was a cute little guy but I have a hard time seeing cute in an unwanted intruder.

I am not a fan of vermin of any kind so we had a spirited discussion amongst ourselves on the best way to handle this intruder. My personal vote went for glue board or shoe. The women in the house voted for a catch and release program. I personally did not care as long as it didn't become another burden on my freezer capacity.

About midnight there was a scramble in the kitchen where I discovered Cash with a mouse in his mouth. I did the only thing I knew to do in such a predicament, I screamed like a little girl and woke up Laila so we could have a calm (calm as in what are you going to do about it) discussion on how to handle this situation.

I think my screaming distracted Cash a bit and he deposited the mouse in Laila's purse. After seeing the little fuzz ball in the purse I placed in on the patio and slammed the door shut. At this point I had woke up most of the house (my son will be the one person who sleeps through Armageddon) so we stared out the back window waiting for the release part of the catch and release program. After a couple of minutes I dumped all the contents of the purse on the patio and ran back inside where we proceeded to fog the window up for another couple of minutes. We never saw the fuzz ball. At this point I had to send a braver member of the crew out to retrieve the remains of the purse and bring them back to safety. Thank you Laila, I will grant you secondary hero status!

We never saw the little fuzz ball again.

I am so proud of the little feline; no one can call him a worthless cat again.

He is a mouser!







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