You never know who you’ll run into in Nashville



Laila and my brother Brian are in Nashville for the weekend. So we just got back to our hotel to get prepared to go to the Grand Ole Opry tonight. Walking into the hotel we ran into Johnny Van Zant standing in front of the hotel and Donnie Van Zant walking out of the elevator. I recognized Johnny and said hello but I don't think he recognized me. Cool thing we get to go see them do the second show at the Ryman tonight.

OK, back from the show.

First piece of advice always go to the early show if you are an Eastern time zone person since it tends to end at 11:30 PM local time. Past my bed time. Show was great, we got to see Loretta Lynn, Erich Church as well as Van Zant. Didn't realize it but it was Van Zant's first time at the Opry. The Ryman is an incredible venue to see a show in. Also got to see Jamey Johnson. If you watched the CMA awards last week he wrote the song of the year for George Strait, Give it away. During his acceptance speech he thanked his ex wife which was pretty humorous.

I'll try to update a little more on the trip later with some pictures.






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