A little personal responsibility please!

I ran across this article today where the family of Josh Hancock, the Cardinals pitcher who died in an accident, is suing the parties responsible for his death.

They are suing the restaurant that served the alcohol to him, the tow truck company whose vehicle he hit, the tow truck driver and the driver of the broken down car. They seem to have forgot to sue the oil company that sold him gas and the company that sold him his SUV. It sickens me that in today's society the first thing many people do is to find someone to blame for their own misfortune or stupidity. The second thing they do is find someone who they think has money to blame for it and thirdly find a lawyer willing to agree with them. Finding the lawyer is the easy part because for enough money many will agree with just about anything.

Now I am not one to argue that Josh Hancock's untimely death is a tragedy and I don't want to appear harsh to a family in grieving BUT let's place the blame squarely on the shoulders of the person responsible. He was drunk, high, on his cell phone and not wearing a seatbelt. 

At some point people need to take responsibility for their own actions and the consequences that occur. I have enjoyed nights out on the town and I have taken the time to ensure that someone (usually some amused cab driver) will be doing the driving.

 If anyone should be suing it is the tow truck driver and the driver of the vehicle he has stopped to assist. Mr. Hancock's actions put their lives perilously in danger.

The important lesson here is we are not invincible, if you choose to behave irresponsibly and drink and drive, tragedys do result. Take my advice cab rides are cheaper than riding in the back of a squad car or ambulance. 

It's Memorial Day Weekend coming up. Drive Safe. 






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