You did what to my cat?


Well, I took our new cat Jacque to the vet to be neutered last Friday. We have had some problems with him spraying in the house plus we have many cats running around outside driving him crazy, so it was the right thing to do.

Jacque decided that morning to have one last hurrah and sprayed my computer bag. I was less than thrilled but could not figure a way to tie his kitty ass to the hood for the drive over. But I showed him, I made him ride in the back seat.

I get a call early that afternoon from the vet telling me all had gone well. Well except there was some pre operative issues. Immediately a million things ran through my head. Was it Feline Leukemia, fleas, ear mites or some sort of injury? The lady seemed very worried as she began to explain that the veterinarian tech had shaved him for a spay rather than a neuter. Now I wasn't sure how to phrase my follow up question to this bit of news. Jacque probably was in the upper 10% of nut size for a cat. We had made fun of the fact that he was so large we wondered how he walked with those things. So the thought of a professional not noticing this not so small detail kind of floored me. So I asked "Didn't they see the Cojones?". At this point I could tell by the stammering on the other line that I was being confused for somebody who would get upset about owning a half bald cat. I let her know it was okay, that it would grow back and I would just encourage all the other animals to make fun of him when he came home.  

So I now am in possesion of a not so free, ball less, half bald cat.

I have more important things to worry about.

Don't sweat the small stuff and its okay to pet a bald cat. 







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