Okay, it's here the most American of all Holidays, Super Bowl Sunday. 

No one expects you to give them a gift, you get to choose who you want to watch the game with and you eat and drink to excess. 

This one will be pretty low key with just Laila and I hanging around the house. No strippers wrestling in the front yard and no laser beam shots when someone scores. I either forgot how to throw a Super Bowl Bash, don't have the same friends or I've grown up and matured. I'll claim the latter though it remains to be seen.

Now as far as the game.

Being a Chicago born and bred boy. There is nothing I would like to see better than a Bears victory. My only regret is I won't be down on State and Division street to celebrate it afterwards.

Secondly living on the Tennessee border, everyone seems to think Peyton Manning is the greatest thing since indoor plumbing.  I have lived all over and while Aggie fans can be mildly irritating and Cornhusker fans mildly obsessed, there is nothing more obnoxious than a Vols fan. So I would love to avoid hearing and listening to a bunch of people wearing OSHA orange bragging about their boy for years to come.

That all being said my prediction is Colts 31 Bears 20.

I hope I'm wrong and I promise to not take this post down if I am.

So kick back, have a cold one and some wings and enjoy. 








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