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Since I have not written anything in a bit, I thought it was time for a short update.

We had a very nice Thanksgiving over at Laila's parents house. It's always very nice to have someone cook a wonderful meal for you. Downside was no leftovers, no turkey sandwiches. So while everyone else is sick of the old bird, I still have a hankering.

We spent Saturday hanging around the homestead and tidying up, specifically working on the back porch. Decided to take some pictures while out back. I was really trying to get some pictures of the birds on the feeder but mostly ended up with a picture of an empty bird feeder (darn camera delay). It was a beautiful day and I thought some of the pictures were interesting to me. So if you are bed ridden or terminally bored they can be found here.

On Sunday the vendor faeries struck again. This time it was big tobacco and the NFL. I was blessed with four tickets to the Saints vs. Falcons game today. So we rounded up a couple of friends and headed south. First off it always amazes me how anybody can afford to go to a sporting event nowadays. Face value on tickets was just shy of $100 each. Then there's parking which ranged from $20 to $150. That's right they had a lot that charged $150, excuse me I just want to rent the space not buy it. We found a lot for $25 that wasn't too far of a walk. It also provided an easy getaway but don't ask me where it is or what the getaway directions are. I believe it was left, right. left, left, right, left and right again though.

Now my friend is also an avid poker player, so who do we see when we are entering the seating area but Josh Arieh. I had walked right by him until he my buddy pointed him out. If you watch any of the ESPN coverage of the 2005 World Series of Poker, he finished third for a nice payday.


Seats were nice, a good view from around the 35 yard line. I took this picture because I had a few questions. One was how many cows had sacrificed their lives for this Michael Vick leather jersey and I wonder how much it cost. Well as the game went on everybody and their brother kept coming by this guy and treating him like a big shot. People were handing him business cards and high fiving him. Well one of the guys in his posse of five was wearing a t-shirt with a web site on it. It was comedian Bruce Bruce, who I had never heard of until today.

Okay the game. The Falcons were awful. There had been all this talk this week that Michael Vick is a coach killer. From what I saw, Vick is not the problem. He ran all over the place and was the only reason the Falcons were in the game. The problem is the same as it has been since he got there. You can throw the ball all you want but someone has to catch it. His receivers looked like they were trying to catch with boxing gloves on all day long. Overall a pitiful display of football by the home team.

The Falcons were booed unmercifully multiple times during the game and deservedly so. In watching the highlights on ESPN tonight I see that Vick gave the crowd the Dirty Bird on the way out. Inexcusable for a player of his profile to do. When you are the face of a franchise, you can't flip off the people who are ultimately paying your check. We'll see what kind of fine he draws for that.

Pictures from game





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