Been too long since I've posted, I'll try to be better.

Well we are making plans on how we are going to celebrate CharliePalooza 2006. What is CharliePalooza you ask? It is a combination of 40th birthday bash and a delayed honeymoon all wrapped up into one.

We played around on my favorite site Priceline for the last couple of weeks and we came up with a plan. Vegas Baby! We got the airline tickets and are still looking for a steal of a deal on the room. I am assuming that the honeymoon suite at Hooters Hotel and Casino is already booked.

Now the Mrs has never flown and is more than a little nervous about it. So of course, within 24 hours there is a  commuter jet crash in Lexington, Kentucky. It is the same airline and the same plane that we will be riding in for the last leg of our journey home. 

The last time I went to Vegas was for my birthday 3 years ago. Now that time I saw nothing but the insides of casinos and a lot of empty glasses. Now as I approach that age of reason; where I should be smarter than that we have a different plan. If I just wanted to see the inside of a casino I could drive to Tunica for that. 


I was looking around for shows and found this:

Now that should be a fun event.  Compared to how pricey some of the other shows in town are it seemed like a pretty good bargain too.

My other plan is to actually get to sit down and play poker live for a little bit. It will be my first time so it should be interesting.


If anyone has suggestions for dining, entertainment or something that shouldn't be missed (Since I missed everything but the craps table the last time) let us know.







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