You win some you lose some


Anyone who knows me, knows that besides poker and softball my favorite hobby is b*tching about customer service and threatening companies with never shopping with them again. There was my famous five year boycott of McDonalds over getting charged for BBQ sauce. My still in effect boycott of JC Penney for cutting off my credit 2 days before Christmas. My still in effect boycott of Waffle House for the $27 breakfast for 2 and not responding to my repeated e-mails. Okay Hertz let's get it on! Once again did me right. I got a 2 day rental of a 2005 Pontiac Grand Prix for $45 total. A pretty good deal considering their published rate of $48.99 daily plus tax. The last few times I had upgraded to a 2005 Ford Mustang but I decided to save the $12 and was I glad I did. While the Stang was definitely sexier and more of a head turner, the Grand Prix was roomier and a joy to drive. If I had to buy one or the other, give me the Pontiac. The negative was after I had driven about ten miles I realized I only had 3/8 of a tank of gas. Since I had 441 miles to drive and not a lot of time to jerk around I pushed on while calling customer service on my cell phone. They told me no problem, just bring it back full, note the gallons missing and they would refund back to me upon return. It was short about 10 gallons at $2.549 a gallon. Well upon my return I was told that I should have just brought it back with same gas in it when I picked it up, they couldn't refund me for gas because I was a priceline customer and all they could offer me was a $40 off voucher on my next rental which would have to be booked through them and not priceline. Do the math $48.99 daily times 2 plus taxes and fees minus $40 is well above what I paid this time and every time. I politely (well maybe it was politely maybe it wasn't) told them to keep the voucher as it was worthless to me. So my $45 dollar rental turned into a $70 rental. I am in process of contacting Hertz to express my displeasure. Further updates as warranted.




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