The Lobster Must Die!

On Saturday night we went to the Stockyard Restaurant in Nashville:

Highly recommend them if you like a good steak. It was even better for us as it was all complimentary courtesy of our grocery supplier. We started off with drinks, we ordered a bottle of Kendall Jackson Merlot (Our personal favorite). We were somewhat surprised when we were instead brought a bottle of 2002 Pine Ridge Merlot. They told us all the other parties were drinking it and it was a better wine (Read that as they could charge our host more). Well opinions vary; I prefer the smoothness of the Kendall Jackson. It was still a nice wine just not what I ordered. Did not know that they were on a keep glasses full mandate so I was equally surprised when a second bottle of the same arrived during dinner.

Appetizers were superb! They consisted of LARGE Boiled shrimp, fried lobster tail, boiled lobster tail, Rooster Fries (look that up yourself), crab cakes and a fried onion. Instead of a salad I ordered a shrimp based soup, fantastic. If I had known that lobster would be on the appetizers I wouldn’t have ordered it with my steak. Everything was perfect.

They also have a singing cowboy for hire if you want entertainment. I think its like a mininum $50 for a couple of songs. So we were entertained by a variety of songs my favorite of which was “I don’t look good naked anymore”.
The best part is there is no sad cab tale to tell, the stockyard has courtesy shuttles to and from all major Nashville hotels




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