Grand Ole Opry


I had the pleasure of visiting the Grand Ole Opry for the second time Friday night. I had business in Nashville this weekend and decided to come up a day early after looking at the Opry's website. This was their first show back in the Opry House at the mall. On site it said Vince Gill, Steve Wariner, Josh Turner and others would be performing. Unfortunately I didn't read the fine print and realize that Vince and Steve would be playing Saturday and not Friday. I was pretty dissapointed but one thing I found from the last trip, is even though you may only be vaguely familar with the names of the performers, when they sing you'll find yourself saying "I know that song, I didn't know they did that." The first artist that surprised me was Rocky Lynne. He actually does the current hit song "Lipstick". He performed that song second as the opry pretty much gives each act 2 songs and that's it. Also saw Mel McDaniel, Chely Wright and T. Graham Brown. Mel did the hit "Stand Up", I had actually seen him the last time we came to the Opry also. Then T. Graham Brown performed "I tell it like it used to be", one of my favorite older country songs, but of course I didn't know it was him. Most people had come to see Josh Turner though and he was the last performer. He's a younger performer and has just the deepest voice. He actually was allowed to do three songs so two of them were his big hits "Long Black Train" and "Your Man". It was a great end to the evening's performance. Anyone who has a mildly passing interest in country music, needs to take in a performance if they are ever in Nashville. Afterwards we went across the street to Dave and Busters to eat and drink. Food was Cheesesteak and Chicken Nachos. Cheesesteak was exceptional! Beverages started with Bass Ale on tap and continued with a Jager Bomb (I was right, don't like them). Also had a Buttery Nipple shot (Classic shot, still yummy). Did not have luck with the cab service in Nashville though. We had host call us a cab and seven more phone calls and an hour and fifteen minutes later it finally arrived. Apparently all the cabs hang around the downtown drinking establishments. Nothing will piss you off worse than being ready to go and getting stranded. It was like being fifteen again and waiting for Mommy to pick you up at the movies. Crappy end to a nice evening out. I think I'll write the mayor to complain. You do a good thing and make sure that you won't be driving under the influence and instead suffer the consequences of a good decision. Still a good decision as the cab was cheaper than getting a ride in the car with the lights on top.




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